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Secret #1

Think Big

Thinking big doesn't have to mean paying big! Sometimes it means doing things a little differently. Things you've never tried before. Things so daring, why... we dare not speak of it on our home page!

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Secret #2

Technology is GOOD!

You may be hip to the latest gadgets and gizmos, but if you aren't, fear not! We can hook you up! From your office to the internet to social media and smart technology, we have the experience to guide you!

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Secret #3

It's Your Choice

Many people don't realize that there are choices in web sites. Domains don't have to cost $30 a month, and neither does hosting. And development doesn't need to cost thousands. Spend less and control more!

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Secret #4

Small B2B

We specialize in small biz marketing because we are a small business. With more than 35 years of experience and more versatility than most, we are marketing Ninjas -- flexible, fast, innovative and versatile.

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We Are Finest Media Group

Suzy Loonam, FMG's group lead, is a marketing specialist who has been in the marketing and communications business since high school, earning a B.S. in journalism from the University of Florida in 1981. With a strong background in writing, she also has extensive experience in graphics, web sites, brand development, special events, fundraising, and promotion. But even Wonder Woman must be assisted occasionally by other talented super heroes in her network -- they are the "& Company" part of FMG.

  • Big city service, small town price
  • Quick turnaround on all projects
  • Specializing in small business marketing
  • Wide variety of services and talent available
  • Let us help you reach your sales goals 

We Help You Grow Your Business

Everyone needs marketing, but not everyone can afford their own marketing department. That's where we come in! We can help you grow your business while keeping close tabs on your budget! We can: 

  • Increase awareness of your company or brand
  • Explore new target markets
  • Create, introduce and promote new products and services
  • Develop materials to support promotions
  • Invent new ways to enhance sales or improve your group's image

Your Success is Our Business

Finest Media Group is committed to your success. 

  • 35+ years of marketing and communications experience
  • A wide range of marketing services
  • Attention to quality, details and deadlines
  • Proposal-based contract work, delivered right and on time
  • No hidden costs; no surprises

Marketing should pay for itself!

Is business good? Could it be better? The answer is YES! We'll help you look at the many ways you can increase your bottom line!

  • Evaluate your target market
  • Are you reaching it?
  • Can you expand it?
  • Are you fishing the right revenue streams?
  • Are you using the right bait?

A broad range of services

Not everyone wants a full marketing plan. Maybe you just need an ad, or a web site or a quick mass email. Here are a few of the services we offer.

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Presentations
  • Brochures
  • Package Design
  • Point-of-Sale Materials
  • Press Releases
  • Special Events
  • Product Demo and Merchandising

Under the gun?

Things come up! We understand. And we're here for you

  • Last minute jobs are our specialty!
  • No job is too big or too small
  • Quality materials and services, QUICK!
  • You call, we go to work!
  • We stand ready to serve. Just call!


Your SUCCESS is our BUSINESS! Please contact us to learn how we can help you grow your business without breaking your budget.

Clean Design

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Easy Shortcodes

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Famous Last Words

  • Failed Small Biz

    Penny wise and pound foolish

    We are small and cannot afford to market our business!
  • Kodak

    Our product line will be in demand forever!

    Our products and our brand are timeless! We don't need to evaluate and revise our product line to suit the changing times!
  • Ford Motor Co.

    Let's tell consumers what they want!

    This new Ford Edsel is going to be great! We have no idea if our customers want it, but we're going to produce it anyway!
  • Tupperware

    First do no harm

    Distribution in Target stores will enhance our sales! (Wrong!Tupperware lost 90% of company business and sales fell by 17%).
  • Are you selling the right products?

    Hey, this BETAMAX seems like a great idea! (It wasn't! It was bulky, complicated, ugly, pricey, ridiculed, poorly marketed, and hated by the media).

Finest Media Group offers full-service, high quality, low cost marketing assistance for small businesses.

Our years of experience include print and electronic media, merchandising, trade shows, fundraising, special events, product photography, brand development, product marketing, advertising, and public relations -- in non-profits and industries in internet commerce, personnel management, recreation & leisure, travel, printing, publishing, produce, automotive, and aviation.

We pride ourselves on offering big city services at a small town price, on our flexibility, on our quality of materials and service, and on our ability to serve your needs -- no matter how big or how small -- quickly and affordably.